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Family Service Hours Info
An important aspect of the Challenge School mission includes creating a school environment in which a partnership exists between the school and the families of the students. As a result, a Family Service Requirement was created. Each family is required to donate 25 hours of service or the equivalent to the school each year. A myriad of volunteer opportunities are available for families to fulfill this requirement, however, it is the responsibility of each family to find ways to meet the requirement. In addition to volunteer time, service hours can be met through attending Back-to-School-Night, scheduled conferences, PTCO meetings and parent seminars. Also, in- kind donations and donations of items approved by school administration are accepted as service.
The documentation of the family’s hours is based on an honor system. The family is responsible for recording their hours online at If you do not have access to a computer, please feel free to use one at school.
Waivers are available to those for whom 25 hours is a difficult commitment. Because of the philosophy of the Challenge School, we encourage every family to contribute what they can.

This contract was provided as part of the application process to the Challenge School. Parents and guardians signed this contract at the time their student applied. A review of the contract has been included in the Student-Parent Handbook as a reminder of the commitment each family has made.
An important aspect of the Challenge School philosophy is to create a unique school community that values and supports the education of its children. In order to accomplish this goal, a partnership between the school and its families must be established. We believe this partnership is essential for students to reach their potential academically and personally. The purpose of the Service Requirement is to facilitate that partnership. Parents will be able to support their child and the school in meaningful ways while being valued as an integral part of the educational process. Families are encouraged to give generously of their time and talents.
Service Requirement
Each family will contribute a minimum of 25 hours per year. Hours can be accrued each year beginning June 1 through May 31. The contributions can be given through gifts of time, needed in-kind donations of services and equipment, and monetary gifts to academic or student programs. Waivers are available in the school office for those whom the service requirement creates undue hardship to the family. Waivers must be applied for each school year. In the spirit of the philosophy and goals of the school, we ask that families examine all possible ways they might contribute to the school before requesting a waiver. All waivers are subject to approval by the Governing Board.
Each family is responsible for tracking its hours and donations online*.
How do we get involved?
Interpersonal Level – time donated to enhance YOUR child’s life
– Conferences and Back-to-School Night
– Helping with a club in which your child is a part (Chess Club, Girl Scouts, Destination Imagination, etc.)
Intrapersonal Level – time donated to enhance the lives of MANY students
– Volunteer in the classroom or at the school
– Drive, chaperone or coordinate Immersions
Community Level – time donated to benefit the ENTIRE Challenge Community – Chairing an event, PTCO committee or a Community Service committee – Working an event, project or support role where needed
– Donating needed funds or objects
– Attending meetings: PTCO, Governing Board and Accountability
Your dedication and involvement makes the Challenge School the unique
educational community that it is!Not only is your annual Family Service Hours’ requirement of 25 hours highly valued by the school, it is a great modeling opportunity for you as parents to your children!!!
Your volunteer time makes a difference! Service hours are intended to involve parents at the family and community level. Some volunteer items that always qualify towards service hours:
·       Time spent for each parent-teacher conference
·       Attending Open House, Back to School Night and PTCO meetings
·       Hours spent as an Immersion Driver or Chaperone
·       Actual drive time required to deliver/pick up items for an activity or event that is not part of your daily Challenge commute
·       Actual time spent to volunteer or attend any ‘at school’, ‘at home’ or other school activities/events as solicited or coordinated through Challenge staff or PTCO or as posted in the volunteer opportunities listing on the service hours Web site
The following is a list of items that do not qualify for service hours:
·       Drive time to/from meetings, activities or events
·       Homework time with your children
·       Student volunteer time (Cool Force addresses student volunteer effortsfamily service hours are intended for parent involvement)
·       Costs incurredsubmit to the administration (or PTCO if applicable) for approval and reimbursement
·       Donations or funds of any kindthese are considered humanitarian. Certain charitable donations can be claimed on your taxesplease consult an accountant to determine donations that qualify
Recording your hours is on the ‘honor system’. Please use your best judgment when entering your time. Service hours are audited for accuracy at least three times throughout the year to assist families in staying on track to meet the service goal.
If you have questions regarding these guidelines, please contact the Challenge School principal.
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