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Team E Hero Chart



Adapted from The Hero with a Thousand Faces
by Joseph Campbell / The Hero’s Journey Chart


Novel & Author:



Call to Adventure: Where is the hero when he gets the call? How does he receive the call to adventure? What is he being called to do?


Refusal of the Call: If the hero refuses the call, what are his reasons for doing so?


Answering the Call: What ultimately motivates the character to accept the call?


Supernatural Aid
Which character helps the hero understand the situation or provides the hero with special training? What special training does the hero receive?


Talisman: If there a particular item that has special significance to the hero, what is the item and what makes it special?


Companions: Who is with the hero on his journey? How do these companions help the hero face the challenges?

Crossing the Threshold: At what point in the story does the hero leave the familiar world and move into a new, unfamiliar circumstance?

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Threshold Guardians: Are there characters who try to prevent the hero from crossing into the unfamiliar territory or circumstance? If so, who are they and what do they do specifically?

Belly of the Whale: What happens to make the final separation between the hero and his known world? What is the zone of danger that he enters?

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Road of Trials: What specific challenges does the hero face?

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Brother Battle / Dragon Battle: Does the hero battle physically or mentally with someone who is a relative or close friend, or does he battle a monster? If so, who or what does he battle? What are the details of the battle?

Meeting with the Goddess: Does the hero meet with a character with special beauty and power? If so, who is she and what happens during this meeting?


Atonement (“at one with”) with or Recognition by the Father: Is the hero reunited with his father in some way? Does he confront someone with ultimate power over him? If so, what happens during that meeting?

page2image15240 page2image15400

Apotheosis (Deification): Is there a point in the story when the hero is held up as an ideal or worshipped as a god? Does the hero change in appearance due to this change in his soul or spirit? If so, what are the details of this event?

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Ultimate Boon : Does the hero find some special solution to the problem he is attempting to resolve or the treasure he seeks? If so, where does he find it? Does he take it with him?

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The Return

Refusal of the Return: Does the hero initially refuse to return to the place where he began the journey? If so, what are his reasons?


Magic Flight / Pursuit: Is there a point, after acquiring the boon, when the hero is chased or tries to escape something? If so, who or what is chasing the hero?


Rescue from Without: Is there a point when all seems hopeless, when it looks like the hero is going to die, then suddenly he is rescued unexpectedly? If so, who rescues him? Describe the situation.


Crossing the Return Threshold: Is there some point when the hero clearly returns “home”? Describe this process or event.


Master of Two Worlds: Does it appear that the hero has conquered life in both the familiar and unfamiliar worlds? How do you know that he has achieved this?


Freedom to Live: Since the hero typically begins the journey to resolve a problem, does it appear the problem is at last resolved so that all can live freely? How do you know that he has reached this point?


​To Type on the Hero Chart, open the PDf and save the document under a new name.

Herochart - use with Team E Summer Reading 6-2015 

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